Brands and Business Domain

Trusted brand and product line-up was developed through state-of-the-art technologies and unfettered ideas. Based on technologies that have developed over the years as the top brand in electronic musical instruments, Roland continues to expand its business domain through a "multibrand strategy."

Electronic musical instruments

This is Roland’s main focus, including various electronic musical instruments such as digital stage pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums etc. These products are loved and trusted by many musicians, from beginners to professionals around the world.

Guitar-related electronic musical instruments

This business segment includes an extensive product line up for guitarists who want the best, such as BOSS effects processors, guitar amplifiers and guitar synthesizers, etc.

Home electronic musical instruments

This area includes mainly keyboard instruments such as home digital pianos, digital accordions and electronic organs, etc. With these products, Roland can help all music lovers to enjoy playing music.

Professional video, professional audio and computer music equipment

This category includes professional audio equipment based on Roland’s original technology for high quality digital audio transfer, and computer music-related hardware such as USB audio interfaces which are essential for today’s music creators. This segment also includes audio and video mixers for web-streaming.

Other Brands


Since the introduction of the first BOSS compact pedal in 1977, BOSS is a brand that realizes the dreams of guitarists, thanks to a range of guitar effects products based on state-of-the-art technology.


A marriage between the tradition of RODGERS, a prestigious classical organ brand, and Roland’s leading-edge digital technologies, this is a brand of classical organs whose stately appearance and rich tone continues to appeal to organists worldwide.