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Tonality over time is an everlasting dream.
Dedicated aspiration with purpose is clarity.
A solitary quest in pursuit of purity is endless.

40 Years of Roland Jazz Chorus

The JC Jazz Chorus series was born in 1975. Since that time its distinctive “JC Clean” tone and original “Dimensional Space Chorus” effect have been loved by many of music’s biggest names. These characteristics are achieved by a unique design which is optimized for producing a clean sound.
The Jazz Chorus series has been able to maintain a standalone status in the music scene for decades. Even now Roland’s Jazz Chorus Series is still evolving as a cutting edge product.

*This picture includes prototype models.

Timechanging since 1975

  • 1984

    Head amplifier with 120W power. HI-TREBLE is added to EQ instead of Bright switch.

  • Billy Duffy
    (THE CULT)
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  • 1984

    Middle class JC with 80W power and 2 x 10" speaker.

  • 1986

    Compact JC with portability. 50W power. 2 x 8" speaker.

  • 1992

    Popular for its genuine JC tone yet its toy-like miniature size. 20W power. 2 x 5" speaker.

  • Johnny Marr
    (THE SMITHS etc.)
  • Gil Norton
  • 1996

    Powerful 80W for stage performance. 2 x 10" speaker.

  • 1997

    Upgraded from JC-85. Featuring 2 x 10" speaker by Eminence. 80W power.

  • Freddie Cowan

Technical Story

Historical Evolution

From the time it was first manufactured back in 1975, the JC-120 was, and still is, aimed at a totally different sound from the warm distortion sound of the standard tube amp. Early on, the solid and straight “JC Clean” sound was not so attractive to some musicians who loved the good old tube distortion. Gradually, however, the transparency and pureness of the “JC Clean” sound was found to be irreplaceable by many guitarists. With its incomparable tone and professional durability the Jazz Chorus series has consistently been around throughout the evolution of music from the time of its debut. It has never been stuck in the past and continues to provide solutions for the changing musical scene from the recording studio to the live stage.

Specialized Design for JC Clean

The unique “JC Clean” has a wide-range, pure, and solid sound with fat sound pressure and a crisp response. The Jazz Chorus is also known for being the amp which utilizes the full potential of effect pedals because it faithfully regenerates input signals. The “JC Clean” tone is achieved by a “clean sound specialized design” manifested by JC’s dual speakers and dual power amps. These dedicated amps drive the speakers to their full potential resulting in clarity and high definition without loss. It brings about not only fat sound pressure but pureness of the tone and a dynamic response with voluminous headroom.

Dimensional Space Chorus

The JC chorus effect is also the result of its specialized design. By using two dedicated power amps, one of the two speakers plays the direct tone, and the other speaker generates the tone with periodic pitch modulation. These two tones are mixed in aural space creating the beautiful chorus sound. The characteristic sound produced by this unique design is called “Dimensional Space Chorus”. This is the world’s first Chorus effect which made its debut onto the music scene with the launch of Roland’s JC-120 Jazz Chorus back in 1975.