If you play keyboards or synths, you’ve got a lot of options from simple monophonic 25-key units right up to 88-note workstation monsters capable of seriously professional results. Today’s instruments are versatile too, offering hands-on controllers, drum trigger pads, built-in audio interfaces and much more. This versatility means they’re suitable for a broad range of music production and performance duties, with products available at every stage – whether you’re just starting out, a gigging semi-pro, or an always-on-tour pro musician.

As a result, Roland offers a wide choice of instruments for serious keyboard players at all levels. You may even have looked into the pros and cons of certain models. What you may not know though, is how two models can be combined to give spectacular musical results – at a cost which is far less than you’d expect.

This guide explains how certain models from Roland’s keys and synth line up can be used together, as well as showcasing some of the industry’s top keys players who are using Roland keyboard rigs to stay at the top of their game – so you know you’re in good company.

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